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A New Season: cooler temps and changing colors

Most everyone loves the fall. I'm not the biggest fan, but this weekend was full of so many good things that I really enjoyed the cooler temps and the changing of the leaves.

It started Friday morning when I met a friend and her daughter for coffee. We have known each other for several years from when we stressed over projects, papers, and the competitive nature of an MBA program. It was the best morning, not only to catch up, but to learn. I learned from someone who has successfully adopted as a single mother by choice and her child is absolutely perfect in every way! Knowing you have someone who is, or has done, what you are doing or did is such a relief and blessing. I am looking forward to meeting regularly and knowing that I have a family unit that will be like mine is a huge piece of the puzzle for a child who is trying to figure out their family unit and identity.

I was so excited about the opportunity I had to catch up with my friend and meet her child that I decided I should start decorating for fall. I do like to decorate with pumpkins and improve the curb appeal of the house with participating in various festivities. So, I went to a local farm and purchased pumpkins and bails of hay. I went to Lowe's to purchase a couple of yard scarecrows, added some mums purchased from fundraisers, and pulled out the pumpkin decorations from years past. The candy is purchased for all the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters!

I was trying to think of a theme for Halloween this year and I think my parents and I are going to set up in the driveway with the classic 1968 VW Beetle and dress as Hippies. It should be fun and bring a smile to those who stop by for treats!

I realize that after sharing with you, Fall isn't all that bad. With any season in life, the perspective is based on the lens. So, I'll join the bandwagon and wish everyone a Happy Fall Y'all!

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