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6 days

Yesterday was the last pre-birth doctor's appointment I will attend with the bio mom. The decision was made to schedule a c-section due to the baby's size. We all agreed that this is the safest route for bio mom and Cohen.

I am so ready for him to come! I am extremely grateful that I get to be the one person in the operating room with her - her decision. However, I could use some prayers that I do not pass out. As many of you know, I absolutely hate hospitals. It's not the blood or the cutting, but the germaphobia challenge and the sickness. I know that the operating room is the most sterile place...but because I know it, doesn't mean that the anxiety still isn't real.

While I know I have an inner battle to cope with, I am really excited about seeing it all unfold. I've always loved medicine and I hope that I am so consumed with the joy and excitement of welcoming Cohen into the world, that I can cope with the anxiety. Also, please keep the bio mom in your prayers. She too is a little anxious about having a c-section. I want to be a part of her support system too. I'm doing a lot of self talk right now to prepare for that day for both of us. I know she and I will get through this together, just as we have since we were introduced.

Soon, this blog will change from the anticipation of a match and a child to the reality of life with a newborn. I hope that you'll continue to follow our journey and thank you for being a part of our village.

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Unknown member
Apr 17

You can do this. ❤️

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