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27 weeks and 2 days

Updated: Jan 29

Today was a major milestone in my journey. I was able to hear a heart beat that I have longed to hear and keep in my memory forever. Today, all of this became a little more real.

Most of you are probably thinking...wait, what, did I miss a blog post? No, you have not! I have been waiting to share until I felt like it was the right time. On January 3rd, I received a text from a dear friend asking if I had a minute for a call. It was the most important call in my journey to date. My dear friend asked me if I had made any headway in the adoption journey. I shared with her it was the same. She then shared a story that made me more HOPEFUL than ever. I was quickly introduced to her friend and I began a text conversation.

Two days later, January 5th, I met the friend of the friend and was to learn more about the potential opportunity. It was a little awkward at first talking to a complete stranger, but we both knew that God had a plan. So, we continued to discuss the situation at hand and decided that she would contact the bio mom who wants her baby to be adopted.

Fast-forward to January 11th, I met the bio mom for the very first time. It was a pleasant conversation, just trying to get to know one another better. By the end of it, the bio mom said, I think this is a good fit and we should get this rolling. WOW...emotions all over the place was an understatement.

Since then, she and I have met two additional times. Today, I had the honor of accompanying her to her OB appointment. I still can't believe this is happening and that it is happening quickly. Much to my surprise, she has listed me as her emergency contact at the doctor - again a major honor. I am beyond blessed, thankful and HOPEFUL for today and the future.

Thank you to my family, my friends, and ultimately my tribe! More to come soon...

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30 de jan.

WooWhoo...I will keep praying!

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